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3X Products

  • 3X Fastpitch Softball Velocity Program

    3X Fastpitch Softball Velocity Program

    Science Based Fastpitch Velocity Program for Softball This is a revolutionary approach to increasing pitching velocity in the skill of Fastpitch Softball. This approach uses a 3 calendar system which covers biomechanics...

  • 3X Pitching Velocity Dev Kit

    3X Pitching Velocity Dev Kit

    You order the "King of the Hill" trainer without the 3X Velocity Development Kit? You can purchase the manual with instructional videos here separately! It doesn't get much better than this when it comes to the ultimate...

  • 3X Pitching Velocity Dev Kit + "King of the Hill" Trainer

    3X Pitching Velocity Dev Kit + "King of the Hill" Trainer

    Why order the "King of the Hill" trainer here? Because you get a revolutionary velocity development program to go with it! THE PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING$297+$33(SHIPPING COST)=$330 Any orders going to Hawaii and Canada...

  • 3X Re-evaluation Session

    3X Re-evaluation Session

    Has it been a while sense you re-evaluated yourself sense your 3X Velocity Camp? Are you lossing velocity? Have you stopped making gains in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program? What you need is a 3X Re-evaluation! Book a 3X...

  • 3X VClass #5 - Mastering Triple Extension (3X)

    3X VClass #5 - Mastering Triple Extension (3X)

    Ready to elevate your game to an elite level? Want to increase your pitching velocity 5-10mph with a revolutionary approach? Would you like to learn Triple Extension from the Coach who developed it? I will never forget the...

  • Hire Brent to Speak

    Hire Brent to Speak

    TEAM CLINICS | TEAM VIDEO ANALYSIS SESSIONS | Q&A Cutting through the "Old School" conventional wisdom, Brent Pourciau is an game changing, MLB Bio-Mechanics Consultant for 2 MLB teams, advisor to...

  • 3X VCamp

    PRIVATE: 3X Pitching Velocity Camp

    This is a private 1 on 1 3X Pitching Velocity Camp that can be scheduled at any date and time. Please contact (985) 951-2113 before booking this camp! To learn more about the 3X Velocity Camps go here: 3X Velocity...

  • VeloPro Systems Harness

    VeloPro Systems Harness

    Introducing the world's first movement enhancement trainer For serious pitchers. Any age*. Any level.     Key benefits of the harness: Immediate sensory feedback with every rep. Instantly identifies any...

  • 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program

    3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program

    This is the most comprehensive pitching velocity program in the world. There has never been an instructional pitching resource as complete as the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program. This includes thousands and thousands of...

  • 3X Pitching Velocity Training

    3X Pitching Velocity Training

    The 3X Pitching Velocity Training Program is for all players who have attended the 3X Pitching Velocity Camp and would like to train through the 3X Pitching Velocity Program in the 3X Groups for the summer and or winter...

  • 3X Pitching Beginner Program

    3X Pitching Beginner Program

    The 3X Pitching Beginner Program is recommended for 16U and the beginner pitcher. It is here to teach the young or beginner pitcher the revolutionary approach to pitching called, 3X Pitching. This guide will take you through...

  • TopVelocity Analysis

    TopVelocity Analysis

    To learn more about a TopVelocity Analysis visit the full listing here: TopVelocity Analysis http://www.topvelocity.net/video-analysis/  TopVelocity Options 3X PITCH BioMetrics Evaluation 3X Video Analysis (2...