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King of the Hill Pro Version - Pitching Trainer


Product Description

We are excited to introduce the King of The Hill Pro. This revolutionary tool is an upgrade from the original King of The Hill. This model really brings it home with cutting edge technology designed to give you the real feel of pitching on a mound during a real game. Like the original King of the Hill, the pro model has a few upgrades to deliver a more surreal feel. The rubber has been upgraded to be a real genuine rubber used on Major League Baseball fields. The contact surface used to drive power from the ground up has been improved to a state or the art surface built so you can toss on your cleats and work on pitching in a real game type situation. Designed to perfection by Rich Dunno the King of The Hill is the model used by 24 MLB Teams today. Want to use what the pros use to work on pitching mechanics and increase pitching velocity? The King of The Hill Pro is what you are looking for.

Take your game to the next level and start working on the driving from the ground up.

What will the King of the Hill help you achieve?(with proper pitching mechanics)

  • Help develop an awareness of their your LOWER HALF off the mound
  • Gradually increase the leg drive toward home plate
  • Better separation between upper & lower body
  • In turn creates more elastic energy that is transferred through the core
  • This improves upper body’s ability to accelerate and rotate
  • While creating faster arm speed and higher velocity at the release
  • The initial boost of energy from the legs will relieve the arm of having to produce as much velocity
  • In turn will reduce stress on the pitching arm
  • Provides immediate feedback with an audible noise(BANG)
  • The BANG tells the player they are using/creating GROUND FORCE
  • King of the Hill gives you the ability to gradually increase your leg drive by increasing the resistance of the of the Trainer

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