2X Products

  • Torsion Velocity Home Gym | 14 Piece

    Torsion Velocity Home Gym | 14 Piece

    Introducing the Torsion Velocity Home Gym – Your Ultimate Fitness Solution! Are you an athlete or fitness enthusiast looking to level up your training? Look no further! The Torsion Velocity Home Gym is your all-in-one...

  • VeloPro Systems Harness

    VeloPro Systems Harness

    Introducing the world's first movement enhancement trainer For serious pitchers. Any age*. Any level.     Key benefits of the harness: Immediate sensory feedback with every rep. Instantly identifies any...

  • 2X Sub 2.0 Velocity Program

    2X Sub 2.0 Velocity Program for Catchers

    Want to increase your throwing velocity behind the plate? Want to improve your pop time velocity below the 2.0 range? Need a program that will help you develop an elite scouting report for the next level? Click Here...

  • 2X Velocity Camp

    PRIVATE: 2X Velocity Camp

    This is a private 2X Velocity Camp for position players and catchers.  2X Velocity Camp http://www.topvelocity.net/2x-velocity/2x-vcamps/ 2X Velocity Camp Includes: 2 Days of One on One Private Instruction with...

  • 2X Sub 2.0 Pop Time Program

    2X Sub 2.0 Pop Time Program

    The sub 2.0 pop-to-pop time is not just for entertainment purposes, it proves that you can play this game at the elite level. The pitcher's release time (1.4 seconds) is subtracted from the runner's steal time (3.5...

  • 2X Velocity Program

    2X Velocity Program

    This is the 2X Velocity Program. This program is for all position players who want to improve their player profiles. It will enhance throwing velocity from all positions, pop times for catchers and 60 yard sprint times. The...

  • TopVelocity Analysis

    TopVelocity Analysis

    To learn more about a TopVelocity Analysis visit the full listing here: TopVelocity Analysis http://www.topvelocity.net/video-analysis/  TopVelocity Options Video Analysis Live Video...