• 2X Sub 2.0 Pop Time Program

2X Sub 2.0 Pop Time Program


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The sub 2.0 pop-to-pop time is not just for entertainment purposes, it proves that you can play this game at the elite level.

The pitcher's release time (1.4 seconds) is subtracted from the runner's steal time (3.5 seconds), this leaves 2.1 seconds for the catcher's throw to second base and for the tag to be applied. Therefore, an ac- curate throw with a release time of 2.1 seconds will throw out a runner with a 3.5 second steal time (1). 

Most coaches and scouts agree that the time from when the ball hits the catcher's glove to the time the ball hits the second baseman's glove should be about 1.8 - 2.0 seconds. This is commonly known as pop-to-pop time. In addition,the catcher must have the accuracy and ability to hit a target 38.79 meters (127.27 feet) away, 22.86 cm (nine inches) above the ground, and 45.72 cm (18 inches) to the right of second base (1).

Possessing the elite ability to not only deliver the ball in less than 2 seconds to second base but to have the pin point accuracy to put it just in front of the runners slide takes athletism, technique and focus. In this performance enhancement training program, it will help you to develop this elite athletism and this technique to breaking the 2.0 range that all scouts are looking for.

What is included?

  1. 2X Sub 2.0 Mechanics
  2. 2X Sub 2.0 Velocity System
  3. 2X Sub 2.0 Fusion System

2X Sub 2.0 Mechanics

This defines the throwing mechanics of a sub 2.0 pop-to-pop time. It will take you step by step, moment by moment through the pop-to-pop time of an elite catcher as defined through science and slow motion video. You will learn everything you need to know mechanically as you work to develop your sub 2.0 pop-to-pop time.

2X Sub 2.0 Velocity System

This throwing program is drill based to train the catcher to implement the 2X Sub 2.0 Mechanics. These drills have been developed by Brent Pourciau and are extremely effective in programing the motor coordination of the sub 2.0 pop-to-pop time. It works to develop both throwing velocity and speed of movement. There is no better approach to developing the sub 2.0 pop-to-pop time than this system.

2X Sub 2.0 Fusion System

This is the ultimate in legal performance enhancement for the catcher. This is an Olympic Style strength and conditioning program that has been proven to enhance power output and dynamic athletic performance. This is the best performance enhancement program you can find and has already helped thousands of catchers play at the top level of D1 baseball and to get drafted in professional baseball.

What Separates this Program from the Rest?

This program is a revolutionary approach to improving pop times because it uses scientific case studies and biomechanics data from slow motion video to develop effective throwing drills and strength/power training programs. Based on this high level of information and training in this program you are guaranteed a sub 2.0 pop-to-pop time or your money back. No other program on the internet has this level of information with proven results.

Why You Need This Program NOW?

You do not have enough time in this game to just go it alone and figure it out on the way. You need all the best support you can get and if you fail to get the best support available it could be the ruin of your career. Don't live your life in regret of what you can have been or the level you could have played at. Purchase the best program in the game that is proven to get you to your true potential and live the dream that you are destine to live starting NOW!

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