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VeloPro Systems Harness


Product Description

Introducing the world's first movement enhancement trainer

For serious pitchers. Any age*. Any level.  


Key benefits of the harness:

  1. Immediate sensory feedback with every rep.
  2. Instantly identifies any movement deficiency.
  3. Gives sensory overload with any incorrect movement.
  4. Redirects posture to optimize athletic balance - instantly.
  5. Unlocks previously locked performance potential.

Works on all body types and skill levels. Goes on in 30sec. Virtually no learning curve. No extra tie downs, parts, or anchor points required.

Train linear drive force and rotational torque with 2 different phases of wear - front hip or back hip.

Instantly retrains motor patterning to sync linear and rotational movement planes.

Immediately identifies all movement breakdowns within your swing or delivery.

Nationally, pitchers are increasing in velocity, command, plane, off speed break, and delivery efficiency increases within 3 weeks or less.


STEP 1: Strap up to performance potential.

By instantly retraining motor patterns to sync equal and opposite reactions, the Velocity Load Harness creates movement efficiency, and this is what unlocks previously locked performance potential within 3 weeks or less.


STEP 2: Step into movement enhancement. 

Developed by MLB players Jim Parque, Mike Sirotka, and NCAA baseball coaches Sean Taunt and BA Garner, VeloPRO Baseball was created by baseball players - FOR BASEBALL PLAYERS. Train with on field expertise and confounding analytics by using your password (provided with product purchase) to access all the MLB and NCAA defined player development and programming. 


STEP 3: Clip onto balanced force.

By instantly retraining motor patterns to support your newfound performance, the Velocity LOAD Harness creates balanced force - the #1 way to increasing movement efficiency and unlocking performance potential.



Product Videos

Jim Parque with VeloPro on Baseball Opps with TopV - Ep5 54:58

http://www.topvelocity.biz/velopro-systems-harness/ Get the VeloPro Systems Harness TODAY!

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    http://www.topvelocity.biz/velopro-systems-harness/ Get the Ve...

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