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3X Pitching Velocity Dev Kit for Velopro


Product Description

You order the Velopro Harness without the 3X Velocity Development Kit?

You can purchase the manual with instructional videos here separately!

It doesn't get much better than this when it comes to the ultimate pitching velocity tool!

The 3X Pitching Velocity Program and the Velopro Harness have come together to take your fastball velocity to the Big League Level. Yes, you can expect to add up to 5mph or more on your fastball with this revolutionary pitching velocity program and the Velopro Harness.

What truly separates a healthy high velocity pitcher from a low velocity pitcher is the ability of the pitcher to load and drive the legs to generate the energy that will eventually flow through the body to the ball. Countless studies show that pitchers who fail to generate this energy are forced to overcompensate to generate ball speed. This over compensation leads to injury and poor performance. The 3X Velocity Development Kit and the Velopro Harness are the best approach to developing the ability to load and power the entire kinetic chain. This means using the body as a single unit to generate pitching velocity as opposed to just training the arm. This program and harness will not only help you to become a high velocity pitcher but it just might save your career from injury.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Here is what the sciences says:

Kibler and Chandler calculated that a 20% Decrease in kinetic energy delivered from the hip and trunk to the arm requires a 34% increase in the rotational velocity of the shoulder to impart the same amount of force to the hand.

There is a ton more science in the 3X Velocity Development Kit with Velopro Harness for you to learn this revolutionary approach.

Here is what is included:

  1. 3X Pitching Mechanics
  2. 3X Pitching Science
  3. 3X Pitching Velocity Drills for the Velopro harness.
  4. 3X PITCH BioMetrics 
  5. 3X Pitching Velocity Training Calendar
  6. 3X Pitching Instructional Video Library

The 3X Pitching Velocity Development Kit Manual and the Velopro Harness is a total value of over $500 and is currently being used at the high school, college and professional level to not only increase pitching velocity but also to save arms. 

If you are tired of overusing your arm to throw or you are experiencing pain when you throw or you are sick of throwing with low velocity then do not hesitate and order NOW!



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