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3X Pitching Coaches Development Kit


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Introducing the 3X Pitching Coaches Development Kit: Unleash the Power of Pitching with TopVelocity

Are you ready to revolutionize your coaching and take your pitchers to the next level? Look no further than the 3X Pitching Coaches Development Kit by Brent Pourciau, the visionary mind behind TopVelocity. This comprehensive bundle is designed to equip coaches with the tools, knowledge, and training programs needed to transform young pitchers into powerhouses on the mound.

What's Inside the 3X Pitching Coaches Development Kit:

1. 3X Pitching Coaches Program: Dive deep into the science and art of pitching with this exclusive program. Learn the techniques and strategies that have produced remarkable results for countless athletes.

2. 3X Pitching Beginner Program: Lay the foundation for success with beginners. This program is perfect for introducing young pitchers to the fundamentals of the 3X approach.

3. 3X Training App: Access your coaching resources on the go. The app provides convenient access to drills, videos, and training plans.

4. Mobility Training: Enhance flexibility and range of motion, a crucial component of pitching success.

5. Mobility Band: A versatile tool to improve mobility and prevent injuries among your pitchers.

6. Speed Strength and Power Training: Develop explosive strength and power, key attributes of elite pitchers.

7. Stride Excelerator: Elevate your pitchers' stride mechanics for improved performance.

8. Stride Excelerator Dev Kit: Get the essential tools and guidance to implement stride excelsior techniques effectively.

9. 3X Pitching 101: A comprehensive guide to the core principles of 3X pitching.

10. 2 LB Medballs: Perfect for strengthening the throwing arm and improving accuracy.

11. 3X Drill Training: Drill down into specific techniques and exercises to refine your pitchers' skills.

12. 3X Exam: Test your knowledge of the 3X Pitching programs with the 3X exams.

13. TopV Sled: A training aid designed to enhance velocity and strength.

14. 3X Evaluation: Assess your pitchers' progress with precision and tailor your coaching accordingly.

With the 3X Pitching Coaches Development Kit, you'll not only elevate your coaching game but also empower your pitchers to reach their full potential. Brent Pourciau's evidence-based methods have already transformed the baseball world, and now you have the opportunity to join the ranks of top coaches who are using the 3X approach to create pitching dynasties.

Invest in the future of your players and your coaching career with the TopVelocity 3X Pitching Coaches Development Kit. Join the revolution, and together, let's make TopVelocity the world-renowned brand for evidence-based pitching practice and training. Your journey to coaching greatness starts here.

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