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TopVelocity Exceleration Package


Product Description

Unlock the full potential of your baseball performance with the TopVelocity Exceleration Package, a revolutionary training solution that combines the power of the 3X Velocity Development Kit with the innovative Stride and Trunk Excelerators. This comprehensive package is designed to propel players of all levels to unprecedented success, both on the mound and in the field.

Key Features of the TopVelocity Exceleration Package:

  • Dual Innovation: The Stride Excelerator focuses on elite lower-half movement to add 5+ mph to your throwing velocity, while the Trunk Excelerator revolutionizes velocity development by harnessing the power of the trunk for more efficient energy transfer and enhanced power.
  • Comprehensive Training Program: Included is a meticulously crafted program with drills and exercises tailored to leverage both Excelerators, ensuring optimal technique and performance gains.
  • Instructional Videos: Step-by-step guides accompany the program, offering visual instruction to perfect drills and maximize the effectiveness of your training.
  • Performance Enhancement: Elevate your game with targeted development that improves pitching velocity, precision, and overall throwing prowess, making you a formidable force in every play.
  • Competitive Edge: Equipped with cutting-edge tools, knowledge, and techniques, you'll stand out to coaches, scouts, and teammates, showcasing superior skills that set you apart from the competition.

Your TopVelocity Exceleration Package Includes:

  • The Stride Excelerator
  • The Trunk Excelerator
  • 3X Velocity Development Kit
  • Comprehensive Instructional Videos

For assistance or inquiries, contact TopVelocity at 415-877-4850. Our experts are ready to support your journey to peak performance.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. The TopVelocity Exceleration Package is your key to unlocking elite pitching velocity and dominating the baseball diamond. Order now and take the first step towards achieving your baseball dreams with unparalleled training and innovation.

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