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Top Velocity Youth Development Kit (12 and Under)


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Top Velocity Youth Development Kit (12 and Under)

– a groundbreaking bundle designed specifically for the young athletes in the world of baseball. Developed with the expertise of Brent Pourciau, leveraging his experience as a professional pitcher and a renowned authority in the field, this kit is designed to fuel the dreams and ambitions of the next generation.

**What's Included:**

1. **Top Velocity Beginner Program:** A tailored program designed to introduce the fundamentals of pitching to youngsters. With step-by-step guidance, it ensures a strong foundation while respecting the unique physiology of young athletes.

2. **Top Velocity Training App:** The perfect companion to your training journey, providing interactive drills, real-time feedback, and progress tracking to keep the motivation high and development on track.

3. **2 Med Balls:** Carefully weighted and sized for the youth, these medicine balls are an essential tool for building core strength and enhancing throwing power.

4. **Youth Stride Excelerator:** This unique tool helps in perfecting the stride, a critical element in pitching. It’s designed to be fun and engaging, making learning strides literally and figuratively.

5. **3X 90+mph Mobility Training:** Tap into elite joint mobility, harness the kinetic chain, and achieve 90+mph pitches. Learn the scientific approach to unlock natural talent.

6. **Mobility Band:** Flexibility and mobility are key in preventing injuries. Our specially designed band will guide the young athletes through essential stretching exercises.

7. **Stride Excelerator Development Kit:** This innovative kit aids in the progressive development of stride length and strength, laying the foundation for future excellence in pitching.

8. **3 Video Analyses:** Get personalized feedback from the Top Velocity professionals. Submit videos of your child's pitching, and receive in-depth analyses to understand areas for improvement.

9. **Initial Set Up and Design:** We ensure that getting started is as smooth as playing ball. The kit includes a hands-on initial setup, aligned with your child's specific needs and goals.

**Why Choose the Top Velocity Youth Development Kit?**

This isn't just another baseball kit; it's a science-backed pathway to success. Inspired by Brent Pourciau's journey and designed in collaboration with experts in kinesiology and sports science, it brings together the elements of elite training tailored for the youth.

The Top Velocity Youth Development Kit (12 and Under) is more than just a product; it's a promise to nurture talent, passion, and resilience in the most effective way. It's about shaping the future stars, focusing on enhancing natural abilities, and significantly reducing the risk of injury.

Join us in our mission to innovate the baseball world and make Top Velocity the name synonymous with evidence-based practice, training, and excellence. Order the Top Velocity Youth Development Kit today, and take the first step in a journey towards baseball greatness.

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