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3X Velocity Program Remote Training


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The 3X Velocity Program is a remote training program designed to increase pitching velocity in baseball players. It aims to replicate the success of the 3X Velocity Camp in New Orleans, LA, and is considered the most successful pitching velocity program available online. The program includes several sections:

1. Full Access to all 3X Programs: This section provides downloadable manuals and instructional videos for the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program, including the Beginner's Guide, 3X Pitching Book, Mechanics Guides, and various levels of Off-Season and Pre/In-Season Velocity Training.

2. 3X Pitching 101: This section consists of videos that teach the science behind 3X Pitching. It covers topics such as the 2 Phase Delivery, 3X Science, 3X Approach, Basic 6 3X Components, and Advanced Components. Similar material can also be found in the 3X Pitching Book, Beginners Guide, and Mechanics Guides.

3. 3X Evaluation: In this section, participants learn how to measure their current anthropometrics (body height, weight, wing span) and performance movements. The information is used to identify strengths and weaknesses to focus on during training. Measurements include ankle, hip, trunk, and shoulder mobility, as well as forearm and total body strength, power production, speed, and pitching velocity.

4. 3X Mobility Training: Here, participants gain access to mobility training to measure and improve joint mobility. It provides the elite ranges of high-velocity pitchers as goals for athletes, tools for measurement, and exercises to enhance joint ranges.

5. 3X Velocity Training: This section covers Off-Season, Pre, and In-Season 3X Velocity Training. It explains how to start and effectively follow the training, including setting maxes for the Fusion System training. It also includes information on using the King of the Hill Pitching Trainer, Top Velocity Stride Excelerator, and Top Velocity Sled as you progress through up to four levels of training.

6. 3X Analysis: Learn how to film and submit videos for analysis. This section covers Med Ball and Target Throws from the 3X Velocity System, Power Clean from the Fusion System, and Pitching Delivery for the 3X Pitch BioMetric Analysis.

7. 3X Bonus: This section provides access to additional bonus materials, including interviews with notable figures in baseball and performance enhancement. Topics covered include 3X Goals, success stories with MLB pitchers, and interviews with individuals such as Jim "The Rookie" Morris, Kurt Hester, MLB Pitcher Blake Trienen, USAW Coach Gayle Hatch, and Jon Huizinga.

The program emphasizes the need to register early, as the remote training spots are limited.

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