• 3X VClass #5 - Mastering Triple Extension (3X)

3X VClass #5 - Mastering Triple Extension (3X)


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Ready to elevate your game to an elite level? Want to increase your pitching velocity 5-10mph with a revolutionary approach? Would you like to learn Triple Extension from the Coach who developed it?

I will never forget the year I discovered the power of triple extension. I was 24 years old and killing myself to break the mid 80's range and move into the 90's, so I could live my dream before it was too late. The moment it all came together was the start of a new season in amateur baseball. I went from a good pitcher in the league the previous year to unhittable almost overnight. It was exciting to see teams react to my presence on the mound. It was like I took all the fun out of the game for them. I averaged over 2 strikeouts an inning and was asked halfway through the season to move on and not play at the amateur level anymore. It was the first time in my life that I was happy to hear people tell me I was not welcome to play with them.

I had no idea that I was not just throwing harder in this league but I was throwing almost 10mph harder. I went from about 85mph to 94mph that off-season and the key to this increase at 26 years old was the pitching component that I discovered called, Triple Extension or better known today as 3X Pitching.

I want to give you this gift in my latest 3X Velocity Class and help you have the same experience that I had in my life which was life changing. I went from playing amateur baseball in front of crowds of 10 people to playing professional baseball in front of crowds up to 7,000 people. I also had the experience of playing against and with my childhood ideals like Jose Canseco.

Here is what I am going to give you in this 3X VClass.

3X Velocity Class #5 Includes

  1. The Pros and Cons of Triple Extension
  2. The Science Behind Triple Extension of the High Velocity Pitcher
  3. Mobility and Performance Requirements of Triple Extension of the High Velocity Pitcher
  4. The Proper Mechanical Sequencing of Triple extension of the High Velocity Pitcher
  5. How to Implement Triple Extension into your Pitching Mechanics
  6. Triple Extension Drills

3X Velocity Class #5 Webinar Info

  • When: Dec 3rd, 2014 - 9pm CST
  • Where: Gotomeeting.com

3X Velocity Class #5 Benefits

  1. You will learn how to significantly increase your pitching velocity 5-10mph or more!
  2. You will develop a professional understanding of high velocity mechanics!
  3. You will learn where you have been wasting your time trying to improve your game!
  4. You will have a complete understanding of lower half mechanics of the high velocity pitcher!

I am going to put everything you would ever need to know about Triple Extension for the high velocity pitcher in this webinar. This is the best dollar you will ever spend in your pitching career, I promise and if I am wrong, I will give you all your money back!

Register NOW to join the Live Webinar and participate in the Q&A at the end!

The class will be available for download after the webinar has expired for $99. If you register for the webinar now you will receive the download for FREE!

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